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The God Who Gives Glimpses

"It took a lot to get me here. I had to be vulnerable, transparent, inconvenienced, sleep-deprived, and on occasion dehydrated (I think) from all the tears falling on the page. But again, God has always wanted more."

This is a quote from the intro of my soon-to-be released book, "GOD 'n You: Finding Your Place in Forever."

Yep. You read right. The book is coming.....soon.

Here's another quote...

In 2018, I found my truth. In 2019, I found my closure. In 2020, I found my voice.

And in some ways, I feel like I've been playing pee-a-boo with Jesus ever since.

What Purpose wants

It took ten years for me to concede and finally write the book. It's taken four years to manifest what purpose wanted it to be.

The book I planned was not God penned. But despite my shattered timeline, I'm good with it. Better than good. Because Christ has given me glimpses along the way.

Finding the safe space called "purpose" is something we all want because it makes life make sense. It makes pain palatable and suffering survivable. But on your way there, I encourage you to find your peace in God's glimpses.

Just a glimpse of what is coming can make it worth the wait.

What You Want

But it doesn't come without work. God will show you more as you give Him more.

Don't you want more?

This week. I'm digging my heels into Romans 8 where the Apostle Paul explains so clearly our role in Heaven's hierarchy:

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revea