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Life, You Took My Breath Away (Pandemic Edition)

Loss of life. Loss of employment. Loss of the normal we once knew. Grief takes many forms. But the one thing we cannot allow in this pandemic season is for our circumstances to take our breath away. Let this repost be a reminder that there is a God Worth Living For.


Many years ago, a doctor told me that I was unintentionally holding my breath. She asked me to be mindful of it throughout the day, and when I did, it shook me.

I was subconsciously NOT breathing.

They say it is a coping mechanism, part of the “flight” in “fight or flight”. I started doing deep breathing exercises. It improved greatly, but there are still rare occasions when I have to slow down my pace and remember to breathe.

Grief is an insatiable consumer. It takes all you have to give, to share, and to keep for your yourself. It will snatch up even the remnants of peace you set aside to get through tomorrow.

It is the unstoppable drain.

The bottomless pit.

The unquenchable thirst making it hard to catch your breath.

There is no Richter scale that can register the full magnitude of grief's impact, and the circumstances that bring about its’ existence none can escape.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. Psalms 42:1

Whether the loss of a loved one, loss of love,

loss of finances, loss of health, loss of friendship,

loss of the life you once knew,

or loss of faith,

grief is a cross that we all at some point have to bear. It is a part of life,

and it can take our breath away.