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Witness to a War

The world is running rampant, wading its way through wide-spread decimation with a global impact. We've stopped living to chase our healing. But did you think I was talking about COVID-19? No. This is more than a health crisis. "Pandemic" is a perfect description of our viral culture.

It is the culmination of our civil, physical and spiritual unrest.

Just as the virus duplicates and attacks the body, hate is duplicating and attacking the soul of humanity.

We struggle to breath.

And in the midst of it all, In this pandemic culture, God has called us to be a witness.

Not to see the darkness and shake our heads. Not to chronicle our brother or sister's pain and be relieved that it's not us. As children of the Sovereign God, we are called to be a witness to death AND to life. To the Cross and to the Tomb. To the Blood and to the Glory.

We have to love hard enough and be brave enough to have our souls weep but still leap. To feel the eight minutes of oppression on our necks and still fight to live. To give an account of the battles for bodies playing out before our children while planting seeds of hope in their hearts through accountability.

In other words, Jesus is calling us out.

Our voice is Heaven's vessel. Our purpose is it's anecdote for the world's pain.

Feel stripes on your back?

Be the balm of Gilead.

Suffering with Him?

Reign with Him.

A crown of thorns for the crown of life.

Even if you are a lone voice in the wilderness, be that voice calling for unity and divinity in the midst of insanity.

This is not the time to be quiet.

This is the battle of eternity. Flesh versus Spirit. The most difficult walk for any Christian is the path to purpose when you know your very life is at stake. The weight of my Cross drops me to my knees in submission but it also compels me to get back up and keep moving. I, we, are all are destined for this journey and for such a time as this.

Our walk,

our struggle,

our tears,

our burden,

His greatness,

His authority,

His power,

His glory,

will be revealed through us.