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Whose side are you on?

Greetings, and welcome to the first blog in a 4-part Holy Week Series called,

God n You: A Journey to the Cross and Beyond

I hope you are excited and ready to commemorate our Savior’s Resurrection this Sunday. Hopefully you and your household are finding new and creative ways to celebrate as a family. As we come closer to Resurrection, we also come closer to the Cross. And to get to the Cross, we must face the days when Jesus was betrayed; the days of Peter’s denial and the disciple’s disappearing act. It is my prayer that today's blog serves as an opportune moment to come to grips with where you stand with God amidst your season of seclusion.

The piece below is titled, “You’re The One for Me”.


God, you’re The One for Me. Your affirmations circle me. Your patience knows no boundaries. Your love keeps me company. You are The One for Me. And yet, I stray. You’re heart craves my attention, your ear bends to my voice. And still, I stray…. Sneaking away to sin and folly, making bad decisions, chasing dreams turned into nightmares. I pursued the beautiful, poisonous fruit and got stuck like a lamb among the thicket. Thorns prick my skin and rip away my protection. I’m bleeding…. What I thought I could handle, I cannot. What I believe was mine is not. The night approaches. I cry out to you with only the stars and predators as my witness.

God, I know you’re out there… somewhere. Save me, Good Shepherd!

I’m fighting an enemy I never should have engaged. Save me, Good Shepherd! My eyes grow tired and my hope is weary. Save me, Good Shepherd! I long for the chastening of your rod and the guidance of your staff. Save me, Good Shepherd! Wait… the wolves’ growl is starting to fade. I hear a song in the distance. The One Who Named Me is calling me. The One Who Loves Me is drawing near, And He sees me… Bloody… Alone… Desperate… Trapped… He. Rescues. Me. My skin is tender to the touch. I flinch, but I will not run away from The One Who Loves Me… not anymore, For there is healing in His touch. Peace is in His eyes. Safety in His arms. The Good Shepherd is here! Great is your faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction. I will never forget your precepts for by them you have preserved me. O Great Redeemer, You heard my cry. Save me, for I am yours. ~Psalms 119:92-94 (New International Version)

Except your love lifted me I would be a feast for the Devourer. Instead, I am at one with my Savior. My scars remind me how far I strayed, How close I came to my demise. But my obedience warms me to the bone with the joy of my salvation.

You are my portion, Oh, Lord; I have promised to obey your word. ~Psalms 119:37

What does that mean? You are The One for Me. Your affirmations circle me. Your patience know no boundaries. You love keeps me company. You’re still The One for Me.


Jesus is asking, “Are you mine or not?”

God is putting us in secluded places where only He can touch us. He’s forcing us to recognize who He is to us, and finally deal with who we are to Him.

So, are you on the Lord’s side?

Words means nothing when our actions shout disobedience.

Are you on the Lord’s side?

Obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Are you on the Lord’s side?

Will you look up to the hills from which cometh your help?