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Where is God?

Time to flow in the dark...

Recently one morning while things were still and quiet, I seized the opportunity to free write. Grabbing my pen and notebook, I was ready to dig in when I decided to try something different; writing in the the dark. Just the idea itself peaked my curiosity.

What would I pen with no light to influence me?

Could I express myself without the ability to critique or correct myself and the same time?

How would the darkness affect my gift?

Not every dark place is evil. Maybe it's just a moment where your spirit has run out of steam and into the arms of our Heavenly Father. I encourage you to let not let those precious spaces pass you by. Let the sacred take control so you don't have to.

Find the coolness of the Holy Spirit in a world caught on fire.

Find tears long forgotten by you but not by Heaven.

Find a peace that makes your pain palatable.

Find God.

With my thoughts and words in sync, I began to write. Three lines into it, I could tell my rollerball pen was no longer rolling. I had run out of ink. The imprint of my words were on the page, but what I thought was me flowing looked like more the path to oblivion. But before the ink ran I out, I was able to capture this thought:

A didactic dialogue about your struggle may not be what you get from God right now. Sometimes, the only answer is His presence.

Just because God is silent doesn't mean he's not present. I needed to once again find God. Trying to do anything else on that cool fall morning except sit at his feet would take me on the path to oblivion.

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. ~Isaiah 55:6, New International Version

Be grateful for the omnipresent God. He is always there.

With Him, acceptance is never optional.