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When Jesus Takes the Reins

It can seem a little selfish to focus on what you need, or at least society tells us so. But I have to admit I've prayed more for myself in the past two years than maybe any other time in my life. What feels odd is it has not been so much because of the pandemic, but more so because of how I feel about the new places of purpose God keeps provoking me to pursue. But no matter how uncomfortable it is, I know I'm where I'm supposed to be. And through all the uncertainty, I keep asking God to do one thing...

Give me what I need.

What You Need

Check out this excerpt from one of last year's blogs:

God knows what you need.

He knows what you need right now.

He knows the void you're trying to fill, but can't.

He knows the leap you should take but won't.

He knows your doubts, the times you've wanted to throw up your hands and thrown in the towel.

He knows you, and He knows what you need.

Not tomorrow, but right now.

Strength for today.

Faith for today.

Grace for today.

Gifts for today.

The theme was about how God uses people to bless people.

Don't you love people? Yeah, me, too.

But this is not that.

This is about what you and I need straight from the Source.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. ~Psalms 139:13 New International Version

The King James version of this text uses the word reins meaning "kidneys" in place inmost being. Hebrew culture believed your feeling and emotions rested in your kidneys. Sounds a little odd, right? But if the kidneys are designed to filter out toxicity literally, why not use them metaphorically?

I've made too many mistakes trying to pursue what I want. Lord, give me what I need.

I don't know about you, but I need a filter.

I need something to take out the toxicity determined to limit my functionality.

I like the idea of my feeling and emotions being in a space where God can purge the poison.

I don't need to be caught up in foolishness or anxiety. I need to be caught up in Christ. But like our kidneys, staying clean and clear-minded is a continual process.

God Has a Process For Your Purge

In 2014, researchers at the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and the Sackler School of Medicine in Israel discovered the kidney's capacity to not only grow but regenerate itself.

How wonderful to have a Savior that is also the Creator of our innermost being. Only He can create the environment we need to start again so life doesn't get the best of us.

Jesus, every one of us is different, and yet, you know what we need.

Thank you for filtering out the distractions we take in and making all things new.

A clear head. A clean heart. A renewed mind. Some things we need we can only get from God.

Don't feel selfish about focusing on what you need.

You know the Source of All You Need.

His name is Jesus. Let Him take the reins.


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