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When God and You Have Things to Do

Ever feel like you're on the cusp of discovering something amazing about God and amazing about yourself only to be interrupted by



pulling the rug right out from under you?

You were on the right track.

You were ready to take your commitment to Christ to the next level.

You're grateful for His goodness.

You're open to His opportunities.

You're determined to be more disciplined.

You're ready to take your faith to next level and (re)discover your gifts when all of a sudden...



Pain, mess, and distress invades your space and disrupts your flow.

And we don't take our struggle lightly, do we?

No, and we shouldn't.

We invest ourselves in finding a solution because we want better for ourselves and for those we care about.

But we can't let the distractions overwhelm us to where we veer off the course to our calling.

There are lives waiting to be changed, INCLUDING YOURS

So what lesson is the great distraction trying to teach us?

Ask yourself...