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What is This?

I never thought I could feel so confined without a quarantine.

But I did.

A Strange Anxiety

For days, I tried to wrap my mind the strange anxiety from too much but too little happening in my life. Finally, I went to the Father about it.

"God, what is this?"

Pen in hand, I wrote these words:



"I've felt this way for a while. Will I ever stop feeling this way?"

Heaven's response?

"Was it better when you felt underwhelmed and overutilized?"

This revelation shined a bright light on my life. Turns out, I've always lived in one of two spaces; either underwhelmed and overutilized, or overwhelmed and underutilized.

What about you? Which one are you today?

UNDERwhelmed. OVERutilized.

To be underwhelmed but overutilized is to be busy with little benefit, to fill up your calendar with more work and less wonder. Quick to impress, but no impact. We can spend years investing into the expectations (or limitations) of the world and not produce any of God's fruit. Doing so creates a cycle of frustration and hesitation that will keep you dog tired and unfulfilled.

Dog tired. Unfulfilled. That was me.

If this is you, I implore you to seek the mind of Christ and make the shift. Don't be stubborn like I was and force God to back you into a corner for glory's sake. I've seen what trusting God can do. I hope you will, too.

OVERwhelmed. UNDERutilized.

Now, the underwhelm doesn't have me anymore, but overwhelm? Well...

And how does fe