• Phillipa Williams

What I Don't Like About God

I cringe a little even as I write the words, but let's be real.

There things that God does (or does not do) that we just don't care for.

But can you not like God and still love God? Yes, you can.

I don't like that He knows me so well, but I love that He still wants me.

I don't like when He's quiet, but I love that He intercedes for me.

His silence doesn't mean I am forgotten. It means Heaven is on assignment.

I don't like that His expectations are so high.





Tell my story.

This can be hard stuff, and I don't always want to do what He said.

Have you ever felt this way?

But does God REALLY expect us to put him first?

Yeah. Yes, He does.

To move despite our feelings demonstrates an agape love, the sacrificial love of God working within us.

And besides, He does it for us... we should be there for Him. Don't let your preferences separate you from His Divine Will.

Blessings are easy. Obedience is not.

Welcome to the hard part of loving God.

The great spiritual irony in being a child of God is that there are times when He will treat you like a child. He loves us, but He doesn't have to explain Himself to us. He's God. We just have to believe that ultimately even what we don't like is still working for our good.

Jesus did not

leave His seat at the right hand of the Father,

come down 42 generations,

be born in a manger,

then hang on a cross and rise in the 3 days to be liked.

He came to save us. He came that we may have life, and have it more abundantly and He didn't have to like us to do it. He did it because He loves us.

Our sin has put God through enough. It's time to keep our promises.

Before Joshua died, He challenged the people of Israel to renew their covenant with God and keep their promise of obedience to God:

Now therefore, fear the Lord, serve Him in sincerity and in truth... ~Joshua 24:14a (New King James Version)

Don't have a relationship with God where your emotions have more influence than He does.

We are called to serve and submit to the Master of the Universe.

But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... ~Joshua 24:15a (New International Version)

Make His will your priority. Chose this day who you will serve.

Prove you can be trusted with the hard things.


This is a marathon for all of us, not a sprint. I'm in this race with you. Over the next few weeks, we will dig deeper into some of the I don't want to's that hold us back from revealing God's glory...

I don't want to BE NICE

I don't want to FORGIVE

I don't want to OBEY

I don't want to GO TO CHURCH

I don't want to SACRIFICE

What hard thing is God requiring of you despite your feelings?

Do you have a #GODGoal?

Let me know in the comments and until next week, be encouraged.

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