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What God Taught Me about Strategy and New Beginnings

It's confirmed. You're moving forward.

Now what?

We can easily be overwhelmed by a new beginning when we don't have a plan. I believe the best plans are often the simplest, so we're going to keep this simple.


Identify who is with you and the value they bring to you.

The first ten chapters of the book of Numbers in the Bible are God's instructions to the Isrealites for camping and moving. He begins with advising Moses to take a census of the entire community, using the leaders God assigned to help identify those who have the capacity to fight.

You need someone in your corner you can trust. Ask God who has He appointed to take the journey with you. Are they a leader or a fighter? Identify their role in your success, then trust them to do it.

And if you feel like you have no one, it could be that God is making space for who He knows you need to complete the journey. Pray until they come, knowing that in the meantime His Spirit will fill the empty spaces.


Prepare for the journey.

Have you ever traveled with someone that was not prepared for the trip? Frustrating, isn't it. You must take the time to get ready. God ordered Moses to purify the camp, set up rules on how they should treat one another, required offerings, dedication of the Tabernacle and celebration of the Passover. They had to consecrate themselves for what was to come.

Are you ready for what's to come? Don't be in such a rush to leave that you don't leave well.

Be patient enough to listen and obey the God who promised you your promise land.