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This Changes Everything


I truly believe this year will be like no other. Not because of what my country or government does or does not do. It will be different only if I am.

Learn the Lesson

One of the classic doctrinal debates is pre-destination, or being chosen versus free will.

What if it's not intended to be either or but both and?

The tribes of Israel were God's chosen people, pre-destined for their promised land - a type of salvation. But it was their free will, their bad choices, their lack of obedience and their thirst for things other than righteousness that determined their route and their delays.

I don't know about you, but I don't want a whole generation to have to die before I get this right

The Word has been spoken. Now, it is up to you.

When it comes to writing, I had to learn my lesson. It takes a lot out of me but I'd rather a light affliction than a hard labor. Today, the Old Testament blessings of Jacob have the capacity to change everything in your life to better. Here's how:


Respect the Past

When the days of mourning had passed, Joseph said to Pharaoh’s court, “If I have found favor in your eyes, speak to Pharaoh for me. Tell him,‘My father made me swear an oath and said, “I am about to die; bury me in the tomb I dug for myself in the land of Canaan.” Now let me go up and bury my father; then I will return.’” Pharaoh said, “Go up and bury your father, as he made you swear to do.” ~Genesis 50:4-6, NIV

Jacob gave instructions for his burial to all his sons, but only Joseph could set the wheels in motion to honor his request. Now, it no longer mattered what his brothers did to him. It did not matter how his father chastised him. All that mattered was respecting the past so he could be free for the future.

A painful past only has power when you choose to resurrect it. Don't block your blessing. Respectfully,. bury the dead.


Honor Today

His brothers then