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The Choice is Yours

At the time of this writing, the world is entering the holiday season. But the topic is timeless.


Forgiveness of others.

Forgiveness of self.

Others forgiving you.

I don't know a single Christian that has opened up their arms to embrace forgiveness immediately after an offense. Nobody is raising up holy hands or jumping and shouting anticipating forgiveness.


There is always a hesitation, always a delay because we see forgiveness as relinquishing control. And in some ways it is.

Imagine being naked on a cross.



Now, continue to hang there when you have the capacity to save yourself from the pain but you don't.

Sound familiar? That is what forgiveness looks like.

And just like Jesus at Calgary, God has something more for you on the other side of your cross.

The Pain of Trespass

I know your struggle is real. Mine, too. It's real for all of us.

A boundary has been crossed, and only you know intimately the piercing effects of the knife in your back. The question becomes will you avoid treatment and succumb to the infection of the offense, or will you seek help from the One Who Knew No Sin but knows your suffering.


It is not enough for only your soul to be saved. What about your life?

Forgiveness does not minimize the offense. It changes the sin against you from a poison to a promise.