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Talk the Talk. Walk the Walk.

Ever felt like you've let God down?

Unworthy, Yet Worthy

"Holy One, I never want to let you down no more."

~From the Walter Hawkins' gospel classic, "Holy One".

This week, I had to reconcile with God, reconcile with myself, about how I have let him down when it comes to feeling unworthy.

Yes, I am unworthy of Him but I am also worthy because of Him. God put me to the test to see if I would continue living in the former or embrace the latter.

Letting Him down meant letting myself down. Disappointing my future. Pushing against glory. Delaying or denying victory. To say it was difficult would be an understatement, but so is bumping your head up against a ceiling. Nevertheless, how I saw myself as a woman and as a child of God had to change if I am ever going to reach and fulfill the next level of my purpose. I've been in a similar space before, but not like this. This breakthrough was for my next level.

Did you know your purpose has levels?

Every stronghold, every place of warfare, every cycle of hesitation that we allow to continue keeps from discovering the next piece to the puzzle as to why we are still here...

why COVID didn't take us...

why depression didn't break us...

why hell still hates us.

Aren't You Tired Yet?

Enough is enough. I want my next level.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. ~John 1:17 New International Version

The law locks the door on our future. Grace and truth are the key. The next level towards that abundant, glory-filled life awaits us. We just have to use the key.

What is it that God has been saying about you that you keep dismissing with false humility? What truth has he been trying to reveal that you work so hard to cover up? Fulfilling purpose is hard. Hiding it is harder.