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Songs in the Key of LOVE

The Lord's Supper.


The Cross.

The Tomb.

The Ascension of our Savior into the heavens to sit at the right hand of the Father.

These are the epic moments of our faith where humanity and divinity collide and create the symphony of love that is our salvation.

Welcome to the holy season.

This is the time to consider the lyric of our lives

in relation to the majesty of the Messiah's melody.

Musical artist Stevie Wonder's epic album, "Songs in the Key of Life", is considered one of the greatest contemporary musical works of our time.

But it almost didn't happen.

By 1975, he was so overwhelmed by the weight of American injustice that he was preparing to quit music, move to Ghana, and help disabled children. Only a ground-breaking contract with complete artistic control would keep him in the business, prompting him to create the most acclaimed work of his career. The original working title of the project was, "Let's See Life the Way It Is", which seems to speak of his struggle with the current times. It was only later in a dream that the final title came to him. It became his primary motivation for the project:

For Wonder, the banner was a personal dare to expand his compositional range. “I challenged myself [to write] as many different things as I could, to cover as many topics as I could, in dealing with the title and representing what it was about,” he says in Classic Albums. “The title would give me a challenge, but equally as important as a challenge it would give me an opportunity to express my feelings as a songwriter and as an artist.”

From Rolling Stone's

"Inside Stevie Wonder’s Epic Magnum Opus ‘Songs in the Key of Life"

One sentence speaking volumes.

The Clark sisters say, "Jesus is a love song".

What's your motivation?