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Sacred Secrets

Precious memories,

How they linger.

How they ever flood my soul.

In the stillness

Of the midnight

Sacred secrets He'll unfold.

(Excerpt from live recording of "Precious Memories"

by Aretha Franklin and Rev. James Cleveland)

Like many of us, I've been captivated these past few days by the biopic series, "Genius: Aretha". Hearing those songs have taken me back to childhood. It's funny because as a child, I was not a huge fan of Aretha's secular music... only her gospel renditions moved me.

My all-time favorite was, "Precious Memories" live with James Cleveland.

One time in my pre-teens, I decided I was going to prove everyone wrong and confirm that Aretha and James were singing "sacred secrets", and not "sacred scenes" like the lyrics of the song dictated.

Such was the life of the child of a choir director.

I played that song for what seemed like hours only to realize later that everybody in my circle knew it and didn't care. For Aretha and James, and for us, it would always be "sacred secrets" because that's what we needed.

We didn't need a scene to spectate, we needed a secret to hold on to. We needed "God with us". A glimpse of His glory that could warm us to the bone in a cold world.

In sad hour

When you get a little lonely

The truth, the real truth of Jesus’ love is told

Sacred secrets He'll unfold.

Mary, Jesus' mother, stood at that cross facing her greatest fear. She knew His suffering was necessary in order for salvation to come