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Look around you. Is Purity still possible?

Purity in thoughts. Purity in actions. Purity in deeds.

Does God really expect us to live pure?

I know. This is “God for Grown-Ups” stuff, but I believe we can do it.

One of the chapters of the book I’m working on is called, “What I Wanted.” In it, I ask the reader to consider the possibilities of a life where we chase after the Giver of Life more than the gifts He gives. We explore how, through prayer, we can shift from our expectations to His essence:

…don’t let me be distracted by your grace, enamored with your mercy… and not see you…

Jesus… who are you?

Be careful what you ask for. The more I asked to Him to reveal Himself to me, the more I had to reveal myself. I had to be serious and sincere. An empty vessel. God had something He wanted to share, but it would only come when I had prepared myself through thoughts and actions of purity.

Purity. It is the smell of sweet incense in His nostrils. The sound of lullabies at 3am. The broken alabaster box, washing Jesus’ feet with our tears and wiping them with our hair.

And it is the thing we are most afraid of.

Even as people of faith, the need to be pure has little space in our conversation. We treat it like an ancient tongue and when it does come up, we pigeonhole its possibilities to sexual abstinence or celibacy. Purity is for the nuns and the priests - not us.


Is the madness of life causing us to lose who we are called to be? Heaven expects us to pursue and live holy. That means mind, body, and soul.

If we want a GOD n Me life, then it’s time to raise our ceiling and stop downsizing the need to be pure.

It's hard, but not impossible and it starts with how we deal with the sacred.

"Do not come any closer, " God said. "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.'"~Exodus 3:5

Holy. Sacred. More words we run from. When I began my personal pursuit to know more about God, I didn't know what to expect but I knew to whom much is given much is required. To chase God, I was going to have to let some things and some people go. Even still, I was unprepared and tried to keep my “sandals” on - things from my life that kicked up dust and held debris. The Father would have none of that. I had to come just as I was; wounded, sad, but willing to stand flat-footed in His presence.