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Harnessing the Power of Your Made-Up Mind

Peter. Andrew. James. John. How exciting it must have been for them to be a part of the beginning. To be the first "disciples", the first learners, the first followers, the first to be compelled to shift the focus of their lives to a primary purpose: spreading the Good News of Jesus.

This week, the launch of our weekly GOD for Grown-ups Bible Study began with reading the Sermon on the Mount. It is the Master Teacher... teaching. The fulfillment of the law... convicting. The formal introduction to the authority of Jesus.

In other words, if you're looking for the King here he is.

But Jesus was already preaching. He had already begun to heal the sick. Why the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus, and why now? The timing and conviction had a purpose as it still does today.

He wants us to know he is the king, the sovereign authority we've been waiting for.

He fulfills the law and the prophecy and embodies our future.

His blessings are a proclamation of the favor that comes when we look like kingdom, and the fire that comes when we don't.

Whatever our lives is missing can be found in him. We just have to make up our mind and seek it.

The beginning of Matthew 5 tells us it was the disciples, the ones compelled by his message to seek more, the ones already committed to the cause that were sitting at Jesus' feet on that hill. It doesn't name Peter, Andrew, James, and John, but gives room for those whose names we do not know. These are the ones who heard him along the way, who saw the healing and made up their minds to follow.

Are you in the number?

Scriptures says by the end of the sermon, the crowds, not just the disciples were in awe of his teaching.

Are you in the number?

Are you ready to harness the power of your made-up mind and not only hear Jesus, but walk with him too? Walk with the King into another year of chaos but called to a higher purpose? Walk with the King in obedience so the dreams of Heaven for your life will come true?

Seasoned saint or newly-saved, it's time for us to make up our minds. Connect everything to God. Achieve anything with God.

King Jesus has spoken. Now, it's your move.