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GOD n You: The Intimacy of Resurrection

Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned toward Him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (which means ”Teacher”). ~John 20:16

Last year, this reading was our Good Friday. I remember being disappointed because it has so few readers. But I know what God gave me. I wanted others to share what He gave to me. I prayed about and moved on.

Since then, we've had some great success and some failures, too. But I could not let this piece rest. I knew the words and I would at some point come full circle.

And here we here. No matter the disappointment, Jesus is still "Rabboni", Teacher... My Teacher... Your Teacher. Just like at the tomb, He conducting a lesson on intimacy in the face of death itself. In the face of disappointment. In the midst of our despair.


I feel new life from these old words, even from this 2019 recording. I'm ready to get closer than close.

Jesus is ready to get closer than close with you, too.

Join me in this journey to spiritual intimacy...

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(Inspired by Mary Magdalene)

God, I don’t want much. Just the mist from your waterfall is all I require right now.

With bated breath and a mind of their own, my pores open and rise, humming while the breeze elevates their melody beyond my senses.


A voice is calling me. The clouds open. I turn and see… Heaven is standing before me. It looks cool and inviting, warm and comforting, open and eager to welcome my old soul.

The joyful tears shed in another realm feel like a spring rain to my dry spirit.