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Girl, We Look Like LOVE!

Recently, I spoke my personal truth of Facebook in celebration of my upcoming birthday (August 28th).

I will be 52 years old. "Hallelujah" and "Amen".

Still not sure what exactly compelled me to do so except a push from God, but I needed it. We as women, particularly Christian women, are expected to be modest and reserved in how we celebrate ourselves. Having lived for half a century, I guess I'm over it. I want to to celebrate my victories and my scars, my wounds and my wins.

So, take me as I am. God does.

For those of you who don't follow me or @mygodnme on Facebook (and why not?), the post from a few days ago is below.

Female or male, I hope you gain some insight into how to love the godly woman in your life.

Especially if that woman is you.


In 13 days... (long post)

This morning, the topic for EmpowerU was "Embracing Your Vessel". During the discussion, I couldn't help but look back on how I saw myself in my early twenties. I was a new mom, a wife... but never really saw myself as a WOMAN - a vessel of beauty and strength and resilience and love. Now, I might have hesitated back then to even speak this truth because of how others might respond, but in 13 DAYS I will be 52 years old. I have earned every year. I have made huge mistakes. I have cried silent tears that only God could see and yet, I have loved more than I ever though possible. So forgive me if I don't let your judgement drown out my joy.

I am a vessel of BEAUTY. I am a vessel of STRENGTH. I am a vessel of RESILIENCE. I am a vessel of LOVE.

For all He's done for me how dare I dismiss His love within me.

In my 20's, I looked like LOVE when I got married and when I divorced.

In my 30's, I looked LOVE when family broke my heart and God healed it.

In my 40's, I looked like LOVE when I was rejected and when I was favored.

And in my 50's, I look like LOVE because I recognize more than ever how much I am loved and can love.

Am I arrogant? No. I'm just a grown woman