• Phillipa Williams

From the God Who Loves Us Despite Us

Son, where are you?

Beloved Daughter, I'm looking for you.

You're hiding from me in Eden.

Running away like Jonah.

Seeking solace like Sampson.

I cannot find your love in the secret place of my temple,

or when we stand face to face at Lazarus' tomb...

So I weep.

I weep in the face of your doubt.

Don't you believe in Me?

Don't you BELIEVE ME, or has your heart left our love bound in the grave?

How can you love me when you don't trust me?

I've dealt with a lot, but I will not accept your doubt.

It is the sin that touches me the most, creating degrees of separation that only your faith can bridge.

I will protect you if you let me.

I will provide for a house that is My home,

But My power comes only through your soul's proximity,

And I can't make you love me if you don't.

So, do it. Believe again. Trust again. Prove to me that you're mine.

Like David, seek my safety in the cave.

Find peace like Mary at my feet.

Get a glimpse of me from the mountain's cleft like Moses as I pass by.

You can access me if you trust me.

I'm here. Right here. Forever. Always.

Your Heavenly Father

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