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Finding BETHEL: Krislyn's Kingdom Journey

Speechless.  Life can leave you speechless. Pain can leave you speechless, but so can love.  This is the story of a journey that has left many speechless, but in awe of the power of love between and a daughter, her mom, and her God.

This is Krislyn’s Kingdom Journey.

On July 26, 2017, Krislyn experienced a headache so severe she started missing the keys on her keyboard at work and ran into walls as she tried to go to the bathroom.

She knew something was not right.

Within 24 hours she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, Stage 4 -  terminal brain cancer.  She had surgery to remove the tumor, but in less than a month it returned larger than before. After the second surgery, 39 rounds of radiation were completed and followed by chemotherapy treatments. A year and a half later, it was discovered that the tumor had spread into her spinal fluid.  Treatments were not working, and all options locally had been exhausted. She was accepted into the MD Anderson Cancer Hospital of Houston for evaluation, but became too ill for the trip. 

Krislyn Knighten transitioned the evening of May 27, 2019.

The path she took to glory could make one speechless, but that is not the end of her story for it is the love and compassion weaved between the lines that reminds us that the grace of God is at its best in painful places. Krislyn’s pain was constant, so constant that only seconds or minutes would pass before you would hear her cry out, “Mama”. And every time… every time… her mother Janiet would be there to respond. Day, night, without sleep or even a moment to catch her breath, you could hear Janiet’s response:

“Yes, baby.  I’m here.”

Krislyn never went without, never had to worry if she was going to be well-cared for.  Her suffering would never go unnoticed, her cry never go unanswered. The powerful interaction between Janiet and Krislyn left us all speechless.  It was unyielding, never-ending, ever flowing. It was hard to witness and yet one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Krislyn was running for her life, and only her mother’s voice and prayer gave her comfort.

In Genesis 28, we see the story of Jacob and his encounter with God in a sacred space as he flees from his brother, Esau.