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Finally... Freedom.

Only a made-up mind can truly be free. What have you made up your mind to be?

Be In the World, But Not of It

It can be frustrating for me when we (me included), the children of God, take the gifts, the tools, the precious commodities of Heaven for granted.

The Fruit of the Spirit is no a cliché'.

It's not some warm and fuzzy anecdote or children's song on how to be nice.

Collectively and individually they serve as an arc of safety, the space where we are compelled by God to grow and live more complete in Him. Fruit of the Spirit is where we harvest the character of Christ planted in us by the power of the Holy Spirit and share it with the world.










Want to know how to be in this world but not of this world? This is how.

The Fruit of the Spirit is where God's supernatural character reveals its power through you.

It's Jesus with the lepers.

Christ at the well with the woman.

Peter being chastised, then redeemed.

Virtue leaking from the hem of a garment.

What's leaking out of you?