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Dealing with a Destiny Distraction

"Ever feel like the walls are closing in?"* I wrote this statement in a devotional during a time when many things didn't make sense. A time when my pain made me feel guilty about relishing in a joyous season. When darkness tried to dim the light peaking on the horizon. Have you ever been in a space where your "now" is working against your "next"?

The God of Tight Spaces

Money's tight, people ain't right, and all you want to do is fight.*

I recently found myself wanting to gear up and get on the battlefield. But unlike the old hymn, it wasn't for the Lord. It was for me. I wanted to confront the issue (and the person) head on. Teach them the difference between a personal opinion and a personal attack. All of this temptation to go off-path on the first day of a journey that could literally change my life.

I had to step back and see this for what it truly is. A destiny distraction.

Was there some truth to the concern? Some, and as a leader it is my responsibility to address and resolve. But it also my responsibility to keep our eyes on the prize. Distractions can't dim the light of destiny.

Psalms 119:59-61 in the Message Translation reads:

When I took a long, careful look at your ways, I got my feet back on the trail you blazed. I was up at once, didn’t drag my feet, was quick to follow your orders. The wicked hemmed me in— there was no way out— but not for a minute did I forget your plan for me.

Our God is the God of tight spaces. As His children, our response to struggle should be different.

New Day. New Battle. New Victory.

God wastes nothing. Not even your distractions.

Are you limiting the lessons of your challenge by seeing it as an affliction, or are you embracing it as a teaching moment? This turmoil is your test. You don't have to navigate tight spaces alone. Christ is the Master Teacher, so follow his lead. Become spiritually strategic. Get your feet back on the path he blazed for you.

The world didn't give you that joy, and the world can't take it away. Don't get caught up in people's madness. Your future deserves a better welcome than your knee-jerk reaction.

Today is new day. This is a new battle. Win a new victory. Do what needs to be done, but always, always, always keep your eye on the prize.


Thank you for joining me in sacred space today!