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Called Beyond Your Comfort

"Maybe it's just me, but I'm sick of every time I get closer to doing His will His way, life tries to drain me and keep me from what God has for me."

A little over a year ago, I wrote this in a blog called, When God and You Have Things to Do. I wrote it to encourage us not to let the distractions of life keep us from the blessings that come with obedience.

You remember obedience? New year, new you in 2022?

That thing we told God we would do in the year, yet only 12 days in...

How's it going?

It's Time...

Maybe it's time to give obedience a chance. No, I mean a real chance. Not the single shot in the dark we tell ourselves is obedience. A real commitment to the things of God.

He's committed to you.

That's why the GOD for Grown-Ups Bible Study has meant so much to me. It's where, together, we lay down the excuses and open our Bible with an agenda. We explore content, look for clarity, discover context, and apply wisdom. We do it with other people who want something different, too.

Anything that starts random will likely stay random.

Your God, my God, our God is asking us for something different.

He is calling us beyond our comfort.

I won't tell you my first twelve days of this new year have been perfect. They haven't. But I want different, so I will hold on to the Word of God for dear life. I will celebrate everything little step I take towards victory. I will be spend time with him in private so I can survive the world beyond my walls.

I'm not letting go until he blesses me.

Don't Let Go

That's my prayer for you today, to move beyond your comfort zone. Get this Word in your life. Don't let go until He blesses you. The great irony will be that when you keep holding on, the ble