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BREAKING CAMP: What I Learned about Delays and Distractions

Sometimes, the only camp we need to break is in our mind. I learned this lesson the hard way…

In ministry, I was always what you call “a good church girl” doing “good church things” for any and everyone who needed help. I always found an excuse to help somebody out, convincing myself that serving in a perpetual cycle of “wherever you need me” was my destiny. But my constant investment in the prayerful pursuits of others was divesting the passions of God n Me.

Our Heavenly Father grew impatient with me so…

He. Shut. It. Down.

Have you ever been distracted in service to someone else to the point of not only delay but emptiness?

I have, and it cost me. The long hours and long days cost me. Troubleshooting someone else’s problems cost me. I didn’t realize how much until I saw a picture of myself taken during that season. The strain of it was all over me. I was completely depleted. I stopped in my tracks, but the weight of the work had already taken hold of me.

I was in bed ill for a week.

Upon my return, I continued to serve and fulfill my duties, but I didn't step outside of my assignment to that degree again. I never fully replenished. It has taken years to get most of my stamina back. I loved serving and I loved those I served, but this was too much.

The Lord got my attention. Destiny was shifting me. To continue as before would have been to abandon the God n Me, and I wouldn't leave Jesus all alone. But if I was to prove to God I was serious about my future, I had to live by two non-negotiables:


“I will not question God’s choice.”

Read Genesis, Chapter 24. The Bible tells us Rebekah was “beautiful”, but her aesthetics would not be what made her stand out. Her advantage came through humility and a strong work ethic. She was faithful, kind and generous to others. She did servant work with a servant’s heart and yet, this woman who carried water back and forth from the well daily never questioned whether she was a suitable wife for Isaac. This was her time, and she owned it.

This is my season for grace, for favor. This is my season to reap what I have sown. ~From B