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Be Gentle.

"Be gentle with Jesus."

Sitting here Indian-style on my bed, wondering what to share during this holiest of seasons, it's the one thing that keeps coming to mind:

"Be gentle with Jesus."

I started to write about being stretched between living your best life during the worst time of your life. "My Best, Worst Week Ever" was going to be the title.

But this week is not about me. This moment is not about me. This is about Him.


My Jesus.

Your Jesus.

The Lamb. Slain.

Our King who faced death so he could conquer death.

Beaten. Tortured. Stripped. Ridiculed. Abandoned.

This is Not About Us

Be gentle with my Jesus.

He's been through enough.

Be gentle with my Jesus.

He's suffered enough.

Be gentle with my Jesus.

He loved me enough to take on my stripes and use them to heal me.

Be gentle with my Jesus.

The Word made flesh ripped apart only to come back together in a tomb.

I'm sorry if you were looking for something more profound, more intuitive, more deep. Today, this all I got. All I've got is Jesus, and if Jesus is all I've got then He's all I need.

This could be the best week of your life. It could be the worst. Whatever your lot, I encourage you to set your requests aside this week and tend to the wounds of your Savior.

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” ~John 12:32, New International Version