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Accept the Assignment

Mary, did you know?

"Songwriter Mark Lowry had written the words to 'Mary, Did You Know?' in 1984 as part of the script for a church Christmas play. For years Lowry looked for the right musical setting, without success...."*

Songwriter Mark Lowery wrote this iconic song after conversations with his mother...

“Literally, what was it like teaching the Word of God to talk,” he said, referring to a title used for Jesus in the Gospel of John. “What was it like to give him a haircut? Did she ever walk into his room and say, ‘clean this mess up’?”

Mark never imagined as the song's popularity increased, so would its criticism. Many believe the inquiries made in the lyrics are condescending, implying that of course Mary understood the full extent of what she was called to carry. Jewish girlfriends talked about wanting to be the mother of the coming king, but we don't hear that from Mary. We hear doubt not about the dream come true, but the vessel it would come through.

Even with the firm foundation of Jewish teaching and the favor of God expressed to her by the angel, Mary (meaning "struggle"), still found it difficult to see what was possible through her.

Struggle can do that.

Knowing what God can do intellectually does not mean we are comfortable being used by God intimately.

Struggle can do that.

Struggle will tell you its not your time. Struggle will tell you are not equipped. Struggle will tell you that the delays are denials.

Struggle will tell you the promises of God are for you to witness, but not experience.

What is struggle whispering in your ear this Christmas?

We don't know what went through her mind riding pregnant on a donkey. We don't know how she felt being turned away from the inn. We don't know if the contractions were harder because the baby was Jesus. But like the baby in her womb, an ever-growing belief in God's capacity to use her gave her the strength she needed to move beyond the struggle.

Our ability to believe God is never