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A Special Prayer Just for You

As you celebrate this holiday season, know Heaven celebrates you.

Your name is written in the Book of Life.

Angels whisper about how you’ve overcome.

God brags about your good works even to the devil Himself.

You’re that special. Receive it.

I pray that as you walk into the last days of this year,

you do so knowing who you are in Christ Jesus.

God, let the Holy Spirit greet them at every threshold they cross.

Let them never feel alone in a crowded room.

Let the SONlight of your love shine in them with no effort.

Reveal who they are in Christ to others.

People will see the GOD n Them like never before.

Their light will not be hidden this year.

In the name of the God Who Is With Us, our Emmanuel, our Savior, our Jesus… amen.

You are the answer to someone’s prayer this season.

Go forth. Be great. Celebrate.