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"I'm getting too old not to get this thing right."

I've been quietly whispering this to myself all week.

Lately, the days feel like they are flying by me on the wings of distraction and the more I try to stay on point with God, the harder it gets.

Am I by myself?

Maybe, but I don't think so.

It's hard to keep up the pace and keep it "Christian".

You encourage someone to pray and your prayer life gets challenging.

You help someone discover their purpose, then start to question your own.

You love hard, then lose harder.

Heaven or hell? Every day, we are pricked to prove whose side we are on.

It's a lot.

So, I'm asking you to do what I did... force myself to slow down for a moment and let God's wisdom wash over me.

By the time King David wrote Psalms 37, he had been through a lot.

He was older. Wiser.

A once energetic warrior turned seasoned elder eager to share with others how to survive.

Psalms 37 is David's fireside chat with us and for us. A psalm for grownups.