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A Frank Conversation with the Father

Are you fighting to take a leap of faith?

I did.

I know. It’s hard. Trusting God’s plan instead of your logic is more than a notion. It is moving beyond “lip service”, putting your hand to the plow and pushing it forward even on rocky soil.

Your sweat plus God’s promise – it’s a lot to take in.

The following was written in early 2018. It was a season of submission for me unlike any before. God was trying to grow me through the transparency of writing my prayers and despite my stubbornness it worked. I was free to express myself knowing that if there was no one else, I at least had a captive audience in Heaven.

Prayer was, and still is, my safe place to create. My voice in the wilderness.

There would have been no GOD n Me without it.

The struggle is real, but worth it. So is God. I hope my casual, cryptic letter to the Master of the Universe helps you become more comfortable with trusting Christ as you consider your calling.


Hello, God. It’s 12:38 am on Monday morning. Yesterday was good, but hard. I was in a lot of pain. My face was swollen from the new medication. I put on one of the hounds-tooth hats my sister/friend Janiet gave me as cover. I guess it worked, but it didn’t matter. I was going to church regardless. I wasn’t sure at first, then Pastor sent me a video prayer message. My son, Kenny, laughed when I told him. “I gotta go now. Pastor prayed for me on video. I’m crawling up in there if I have to.”

Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve been missing until it shows up. I wasn’t looking for prayer, but I was glad to see it when it showed up.

Church was good. The sermon was on obedience. So… how many heavenly hints does that make to get the pen moving on the paper? Too many to count.

I have a new strategy for making it happen: Keep it simple. Living in the “what-if’s” of an unknown future is cluttering my creativity. I’ve got to keep it simple.