• Phillipa Williams

9 Days of Seclusion: SELF/GLOW

And Esther won the favor of everyone who saw her. ~Esther 2:15b


(Inspired by Queen Esther)

There is a light beyond my skin.

A bright burst of honey-suckled happiness looking for an opportunity to glisten and delight.

It waits for my beckoning, listens for my call, comes running when invited… EXCITED.

What rests within me is ready to illuminate the darkness of humanity, and I look forward to the challenge of changing the world’s scenery.

The gauntlet drops. My race is on.

New rituals for success are streaming through my mind.

The pace of my heart’s desires quicken as I witness the possibilities of my future.

The sacred cheers of angels on the sideline ignite the fire within me, etching wisdom into my imagination of how to shine without getting burned.

I grow tired, but I feel blessed for my exhaustion is quickly quenched by

the promises of God rising above my floodgates and flowing over my personal embankments.

My feet are tingling.

My calves flex.

My thighs thunder with “Hallelu”!

My lungs fill up with air made pure by the wind of the Holy Spirit.

My waist is warmed by God glowing inside me.

Is this what FAVOR feels like?

My eyes smile.

I have embraced my Self/Glow.

The beauty of God is now set free –

It beams,

It shines,

It exposes the GOD n Me.

Blind will see His Son… in me.

Cold will feel Heaven’s warmth… through me.

Children will touch the Father through my tender skin.

My Self/Glow. It’s free.

Shine, baby, shine.


You are beyond beautiful.


The lines of your body… the curves of your figure… the hue of your skin… glows.

The brilliance or your mind, the power of your perception, the depth of your insight… glows.

It is your Self/Glow. The physical and spiritual YOU, the emotional and intellectual YOU; the visual, tactile, touchable representation of GOD n You.

Don't hide... CELEBRATE!

Your Self/Glow is an aesthetic reflection of His glory.

God is using YOU - ALL of YOU - to make a great first impression.

You are a part of His magnificent plan, so give the Master everything you've got.

Favor is in your DNA… literally.

Shine, baby, shine.

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