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"9 Days of Seclusion" starts April 13th!

Join us for a special period of REVELATION during this HOLY SEASON. Join us for "9 Days of Seclusion".

Work. Being a mom. Ministry. Life can be nonstop. I love my life, but sometimes it takes all my energy to live it. Years ago during a particularly stressful season, I realized that I needed a break, a vacation… some time away. I didn’t have the money for my adventure, so I made a choice… the choice to “dream” my vacation.

I asked myself,

"What would be the perfect vacation?"

My answer?


Just 9 days. A week is too little, two weeks would be too much. 9 days. I didn’t want to be away from my responsibilities too long. 9 days. It was just enough time to start missing my life and for life to, hopefully, miss me, too.

There had been too much of others and not enough of me, so this time away really had to be mine. No more “people overload”. All I wanted was sand between my toes and God, even if only in my thoughts. Together, we would plan our escape through pen and paper, using the word “seclusion” to inspire the rest, rejuvenation, and affirmation I so desperately needed.

Solitude Exclusive Cave-Dweller Life Unity Self/Glow Intimate One Natural

I was ready for my SECLUSION. I was ready for peace.

The writings of from that season long past have now been transformed into the devotional series known as "9 Days of Seclusion", but the objective is the same.


Is your spirit seeking solace?

Does your mind need an intermission?

Is your heart ready to be restored?

God is ready to give you what you need, but it can only be found at the Savior’s feet.

Don’t relinquish these moments. Seize them because the Lord is near,

and a lot can happen when the Lord is near.